Cookie Dough Creamery
Introducing our latest creation:
Cookie Dough Chocolates (TM) are available at our retail store, our pop up shop at Tuttle Mall for December 2019, our online store (limited availability), at College Traditions on Lane Ave, at The Morgan House in Dublin, and from
Experience ice cream like you never have before at our self-serve ice cream sundae bar featuring six flavors of our homemade edible cookie dough.

Just buy a cup (small, medium or large) and you get one trip through our self serve ice cream sundae bar to fill it up with as much ice cream, cookie dough and toppings as you want.

We do not use "pay by weight" like other self serve sundae bars use, so you will not have a negative experience by having to police your kids to make sure they don't make a $10 sundae. Our prices for cups range from $4.29 to $5.69.

We make all our edible cookie dough onsite daily, and also use it to make awesome take home items. Take home a tub of our different flavors of cookie dough, and keep it in the fridge to enjoy the occasional spoonful. Our snack cups are small 3.25 ounce servings of our Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and make a great addition to packed lunches. Our cookie dough sandwiches have our cookie dough smashed between two large (3 inch) Oreo wafers, or two graham crackers and is then dipped in chocolate. Our cookie dough ice cream bars have both our ice cream and cookie dough dipped in chocolate on a stick. And our ice cream cakes have a layer of our cookie dough, a layer of our ice cream, and are decorated in a topping.

Given our location at the Shops of Worthington Place, we make a great stop after a meal at Pies & Pints or Piada, as well as a post shopping treat. The mall hosts a fantastic play place for small children as well.

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