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Enjoy our six flavors of cookie dough as a topping on ice cream, or in a cup all by itself. Take home a tub to enjoy the occasional spoonful throughout the week.

Our six flavors of cookie dough are made fresh in our store daily with many of the same ingredients your mom uses to make her fresh baked cookies. But unlike your mom, we won't scold you for eating our un-baked cookie dough.

In addition to our cookie dough NOT containing eggs, we use specially heat treated flour to produce a safe to eat unbaked cookie dough.

The texture of our cookie dough stays soft and smooth when kept in the refrigerator, making it ready for a quick spoon full when that cookie dough craving hits you.

Current Flavors:

Chocolate Chip
Lemon (June through August)
Peanut Butter
Sugar Cookie
Brownie Batter

Coming Soon:

S'Mores (September through November)
Snickerdoodle (December through February)
Oatmeal Raisin (March through May)

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