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Now you can have our edible cookie dough delivered to your home or business!

Items available through delivery:

Cookie Dough Tubs
Cookie Dough Sandwiches
Cookie Dough Snack Packs
Cookie Dough Ice Cream Bars
Cookie Dough Ice Cream Cakes

FAQ: Why don't you deliver cookie dough sundaes?
Answer: The ice cream at our self serve cookie dough sundae bar is soft serve, which comes out of the machine just a few degrees below the melting point (around 20 degrees F). Given the time it takes to make deliveries, it is very likely to rise above the freezing temperature and be a melted mess by the time the delivery is made. Thus, in order to avoid negative experiences, we do not offer sundaes via delivery.

FAQ: Why do you offer ice cream bars and cakes if ice cream melts?
Answer: Like grocery stores, our ice cream bars and cakes are stored at -10 degrees F, which is 30 degrees colder than the ice cream that comes out of the machines for our sundae bar. The additional 30 degrees below the freezing point allows for the product to travel for a period of time before it is at risk of melting. In fact, we recommend that our cookie dough ice cream cakes be removed from a freezer 20 to 30 minutes before serving, or else they will be too hard to slice and eat.

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